- - PPFD: 1300 ( μmoles/m2/s ) at 12" on center
- Model: Maxbloom X6 CREE Plus
- LED Power: 600w
- LED Brand: Epistar & Bridgelux
- 2 dimmers for VEG & BLOOM
- Full spectrum12 bands ( 380nm -760nm)
- View angle of lens: 60 degree
- LED Quantities: 96pcs 5W Single leds, 2pcs 100W COB
- Fans: UL fans
- Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
- Dimension: 20.1"x11.8"x2.4"


SPECTRUM- This lamp is only available in a 12-band Full Spectrum version with UV 380nm-420nm and Infra-red 720-760nm. The spectrum has been extensively tested for 6 years by professional growers and compared with other LED grow lights this lamp gives 20% to 30% more results.
HIGH PAR VALUES- The X-series of Maxbloom shows very high par values that are also fairly consistent. This is due to the strong 100w CREE LED COBS and the multiple of 5w EPISTAR LEDs. This is also important for the light penetration of your setup so that every leaf of your plant can enjoy LED grow light.
NEW DESIGN- X series LED grow light COB dimmable with single&COB LEDs mixed for BEST lighting layout, remove-free modular design for easy maintenance, and optical lens with silicone rubber for WATERPROOF.
SIMPLE OPERATE, EASY INSTALLATION- Led grow light dimmable 0-100% intensity control for VEG & BLOOM will help you use the light so easy for different growing stage, light coming with hanging kits for easy installation.
QUIET AND EXTENSIVELY TESTED COOLING SYSTEM- This LED grow light is equipped with very quiet UL fans. The heat air is blown out of the top of the lamp so you can get the heat out of your room faster. The plants under the Maxbloom LED grow light are grateful!